DYW Glasgow

Glasgow has a strong track record for putting employers at the heart of the employment
and skills agenda.

In 2012, The Glasgow Employer Board (GEB), Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s flagship employment and skills group, formed its Youth Employment Action Group (YEAG) and embarked upon a 14 month research period to develop an employer led solution to youth unemployment in Glasgow.

Working with Chamber members and key partners across the city, the YEAG concluded its research into youth unemployment in Glasgow in early 2014, publishing 13 recommendations which they believed would improve and positively impact employment opportunities for young people.

Click here to download and view a copy of the YEAG findings.

A few months later, the Scottish Government’s Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce called for the creation of regional industry-led groups to lead and drive employer engagement with schools and colleges, supporting more employers in recruiting more young people into their workforce.

Assuming responsibility for Developing the Young Workforce in Glasgow was a natural progression for the GEB and in late 2014, it was announced as the first regional Developing the Young Workforce Group.  The Scottish Government’s Commission on Scotland’s Young Workforce recommended the creation of 15 similar regional groups based on what Glasgow Chamber of Commerce had achieved.

Led by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Developing the Young Workforce Glasgow builds on the recommendations of the Youth Employment Action Group with the key focuses being on strengthening industry engagement with education and increasing employment opportunities for young people in the city.