July 2017

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Glasgow City Council (GCC) is committed to improving the employment prospects of its young residents.  Since 2010, they have recruited over 1,100 Modern Apprentices, providing invaluable, on-the-job work experience. They undertake a two or four-year comprehensive training programme, provided by professionally accredited trainers.  At the end of the programme the young person graduates with an industry recognised qualification.  Each individually, tailored programme includes personal development and employability courses to enhance their skills and confidence. They are placed in a team under the supervision of a dedicated supervisor. 

The Council's success rates speak for themselves, with an average 90% successfully completing their training and just over 70% securing employment within the Council family. 

GCC is committed to creating opportunities for all young people including those affected by disabilities or with care experience, who are automatically selected for interview during recruitment of Council MA’s.  In addition, an annual programme of work experience for young people requiring additional support for learning is also delivered. The Chief Executive is very committed to this. 

The Council also run an annual recruitment programme for city graduates, offering 12 weeks paid placements.  This year alone, 23 interns across the Council family have almost completed their first month and are already proving their worth in their individual project fields.  A full and comprehensive evaluation is undertaken each year and feedback indicates a high level of satisfaction from both interns and GCC.  Interns gain invaluable paid work experience, helpful for their CV and the Council gain from their fresh ideas and novel approaches, which enhances designated projects.

The Transforming Glasgow Team within Corporate Services run a Graduate Recruitment Programme with the current cohort of 13, already halfway through their two-year placement. They work throughout the Council supporting a range of projects.  This helps graduates become more career ready while helping the Council to revisit processes making them more effective and efficient, utilise data analytics for business decisions, and support growth of digital leadership and innovation. The Council is proud of its support to these young people, ensuring a positive work experience with improved career prospects.

Demi, despite being deaf, is training as a Childcare Development Officer and having completed her first year won the MA Challenge Award as well as the overall Leader's Award at the Celebration Event in 2015.

In recognition of the Council’s dedication to support and recruit young people, we recently achieved Investors in Young People (IIYP) accreditation.  Future work will include establishing IIYP champions to develop a talent management strategy for the Council to build on this success.

In addition to employment opportunities, the GCC Chief Executive has recently committed to the MCR Pathways Programme.  This is a highly successful mentoring programme, which will be expanded to offer support in every school in the city.  It will encourage 10% of staff to support the city’s most vulnerable children. 1,000 staff will meet 1,000 vulnerable young people weekly, to make a real difference to their lives, through attainment and achievements.  

It is expected that the additional cost through investing staff time is money well spent, reaping great rewards for the whole city.  These programmes support young people to flourish and be all they can be as they move forward in life.

Well done, Glasgow City Council!

July 2017

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