Deyrick Smith, Clydesdale Bank

Deyrick joined Clydesdale bank in June 1988 as a fresh-faced, 17-year-old school leaver, the options for him at the time were to go to University or to go straight into employment. Having done reasonably well at school he was fortunate that both avenues were available to him. Having been accepted for University as well as being offered a job at the bank, hr confesses there was no grand plan at the time. The decision to work as a junior on the Motherwell branch was based on two things: He was always good with numbers at school and he liked the idea of being paid as opposed to being a student. (That is not to say he has anything against further education with 2 of his 3 children at University).  

During his 30 years in the bank, he has performed a number of roles and has benefitted from a comprehensive and wide range of training and development programmes through a combination of in-house and external programmes through the likes of the Institute of Bankers in Scotland. This enabled him to grow both personally and professionally. He has had the opportunity to learn from some very experienced managers who have guided and mentored him throughout his career. His current role as a people leader, which he has held for almost 15 years, has responsibility for developing his own team and being a similar positive influence on their careers.