Workshop presentations

Please see the presentation slides from the DYW Futures workshops below:

Jobs of Tomorrow... Jobs of Today? with Claire Gillespie, Skills Development Scotland

Unconscious Bias and Improving Gender Balance with Charlotte Govan, Improving Gender Balance Scotland

School and Employer Activities - What works best, when and for whom? with Richard Scothorne, Rocket Science

Show and Tell with Young Enterprise Scotland

Communic18 with Co-Design Champions for the Year of Young People 2018

Tuesday 4 December 2018, 1.00pm - 4.30pm

Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow

We invite education, industry and partners to join us for our first ever conference: DYW Futures!

Explore what the future holds for our young workforce, what this will mean for them and how we can work together to support them to achieve success.

You will hear from a variety of experts and business leaders on a range of topics all delivered through interactive workshops and keynote speeches.

Keynote Speakers

Gillian Docherty

The Data Lab

Gillian Docherty is chief executive of The Data Lab, an innovation centre with a mission of maximising the value for Scotland from data. Gillian is passionate about the opportunity for using Data to drive economic and social benefits.

Formerly of IBM, Gillian is a visiting professor at Robert Gordon University, a TED speaker and was named Digital Leader 2018 for the UK.

Gillian was named CEO of the year at the Digital Technology Awards 2017 and was also in the UK’s top ten most influential people in data according to DataIQ. Gillian is on the Board of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, a trustee of Beyonder Involve Charity and an Industry advisor to Previse.


Alice Beveridge
Tree of Knowledge

Psychologist, teacher, director and keeper of chickens, she brings a wealth of knowledge, personal experience and energy to everything she delivers. Alice is one of only a handful people around the world who has successfully achieved a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology.

As a positive psychologist she challenges the way people see themselves. She has a true passion for helping people realise that they are in control of their lives and by introducing people to a range of positive psychology theories and interventions, through fun and laughter, Alice helps them to truly ignite their spark.


  • Inspire & Challenge: simple strategies to engage your audience
    Susan Meikleham & Dr Sharon Macnab, Glasgow Science Centre

    Using their ‘Inspire and Challenge’ ethos Glasgow Science Centre will share their tried and tested methods to engage your audience and build them as scientific thinkers. Whether you’re a teacher or working in industry, this is an opportunity to hear from the experts in youth engagement.

  • Gender stereotyping and unconscious bias
    Charlotte Govan, Improving Gender Balance Scotland

    Having a diverse workforce is essential for businesses to succeed now and in the future, and yet we currently only attract a very small number of young women into science and engineering careers, and even fewer young men into care careers. This session will give you a brief introduction to gender stereotypes and how they impact on our behaviour and the choices that young people make. You will get the opportunity to consider your own biases and learn some tips on tackling bias in your interactions in the classroom and beyond.

  • Industry 4.0 – Challenge & Opportunity for Manufacturing in Scotland
    Jim Hannigan, Skills Development Scotland

    Industry 4.0 is the trend of automation and data capture as applied to manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. There is a consensus that the application of Industry 4.0 principles to manufacturing will fundamentally change how goods are produced.  Scotland and the UK are well placed to exploit this change with a strong research base and the ability to create a pipeline of well qualified employees. However, Employers and educators must also ensure new entrants and the existing workforce are prepared with meta-skills that will change the ways we do things and the impact of that on society going forward. Join this workshop to gain an insight into the challenges and opportunities ahead of Manufacturing in Scotland as we attempt to realise the fourth industrial revolution!
  • School and Employer activities - What works best, when and for whom?
    Richard Scothorne, Rocket Science UK

    During this Workshop, participants will get an opportunity to explore the evidence on the difference made by the range of school/employer activities. It will examine how different school/employer activities meet the different needs of pupils at different stages.  Some initial ideas will be presented and discussed about how this evidence can inform schools’ strategic approach to employer engagement, how teachers can draw on it to ensure the best match with what their pupils need, and how employers can provide experiences that will best match the needs of schools and individual pupils.

  • Co-Design Champions for the Year of Young People 2018

    Co-Design Champions for the Year of Young People 2018, will be explaining the co-design process and the positive impact it can have on young people. Participants will be able to explore how to use co-design in their own work environment to help young people prepare for their futures.

  • Jobs of Tomorrow... Jobs of Today?
    Claire Gillespie, Skills Development Scotland

    It is an exciting time as technology is changing our world, bringing with it lots of new opportunities, new ways of working and new types of businesses.  Looking to the future, as sectors like fintech and digi-health grow, technological developments are only going to accelerate, and increasing number of jobs across all sectors will become technology enabled. The impact on jobs will be massive as it is predicted that two out of three children starting primary school today will have jobs that don’t exist yet. But this isn’t just about the future, as jobs are changing today as each year in Scotland employers need almost 13,000 digital technology professionals, and job titles like Ethical Hacker and Cloud Architect are becoming the norm.

Celebration Drinks Reception

4.30pm - 7.00pm


After the conference, you are invited to join us for an informal drinks reception to celebrate this year's fantastic work to develop Glasgow's young workforce.

During this event, we will announce the winners of our 2018 Glasgow Apprenticeship Challenge. Teams from businesses across the city have been working hard since May delivering projects that are of community benefit.

If you are unable to attend our DYW Futures conference but would like to join us to celebrate, click here to register for the drinks reception portion of the day.


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