May 2020 

CCRS is a leading independent insurance broker committed to providing superior technical advice and service to businesses throughout the UK.  CCRS’ Glasgow based team have been providing expert professional broking services to a diverse range of commercial clients for over 10 years including claims management, risk management advice and support and due diligence reviews.

CCRS have been a partner of DYW Glasgow for around 6 months in a variety of levels and contributing in a diverse range of activities as well as supporting schools with careers fayres and employability events.  They are also extremely proactive with participation in the apprenticeship family at all levels as well as offering internships, some of which cases are detailed below.

Modern Apprenticeships

Shaun Coyle Came through Glasgow guarantee scheme and is a modern apprenticeship he has passed his level 3 AAT and is studying towards his AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) level 4. He has worked here 2 years straight from school in Accounts.

Josh MacDowall came through Glasgow Guarantee scheme and completed a modern apprenticeship with us. He has completed an SVQ in Business and has completed a certificate in CILA (Chartered Institute for Loss Adjustors). He is working towards his Diploma in CILA.  He has worked here 3 years straight from school in the Claims department.

Jamie Buchanan through Glasgow Guarantee scheme and has passed his modern apprenticeship and now works as a qualified Account Handler. He has completed SVQ in Business admin level 2 and 3 and SVQ level 3 in Finance.  He has completed a certificate in CII (Chartered Institute for Insurance). He is working towards his Diploma in CII.  Have a look at his story here…(links to be inserted)

Foundation Apprenticeships

We had our first Foundation Apprentice in 2018. This was in conjunction with City of Glasgow College and they studied the Financial Services Framework.  Feedback received from Safina Yasmin from City of Glasgow College, Programme Leader, stated, “He thoroughly enjoyed his time during the placement, felt well looked after and learned several new skills and found the whole experience very valuable. He is on track to achieve 100% completion, thanks to your team and your kind self at CCRS.”

The aim was to pilot this as Modern Apprenticeship had been so successful and to try a different recruitment approach. We have a youth strategy and very much believe in promoting and developing from within our own talent. This fitted our ethos. The apprentice decided to pursue a different route after completing the Foundation Apprenticeship and we enjoyed the experience.

We have one another Foundation Apprentice starting in September in conjunction with Genius People and they will be studying the Financial Services Framework. If this year’s Foundation apprenticeship will be successful, we will be looking to move the apprentices on to the modern apprenticeship.

In addition, we have had a number of other Santander placement for specific projects.

We are working with the Bridges Programme and are offering placements to migrants and refuges which started in August 2019 and we are currently offering three placement opportunities, two within accounts and one in the innovation team.

Innovation Team Placements

Daniel came in through the Santander Internship. He has been working on a feasibility study for data extraction during this internship. The data extraction feasibility study has involved testing various tools to extract data from pdf documentation into a workable formation to apply machine learning algorithms. The translated text file is then processed using NLPs entity extraction methods to tag words which adds context to each word. The NLP model is then fed this data and through computation, adapts the model to fit the entity extraction requirements. The extracted text needs to be moulded and shaped for processing. This will follow the process of tagging words in the data that we want to extract, building the tags with surrounding context and training that data with similar data to test it on. The outcomes from this project means we are now positioned to move towards starting a KTP.

James is a master’s student at the University of Strathclyde, and he came in through a university internship. He has been working alongside Daniel on the data extraction feasibility study and using this a real-life example to help him write his final masters project.

Sadya is an undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow and she came in through a University placement and has been assisting our Lead Software Developer in the development of a front-end broker platform aimed at streamlining our data capture methods. We are using Python and Django to build the database which will be used by our Account Directors to carry out Risk Audits, record client information and produce Due Diligence reviews for our clients.

Grace came in through a Santander placement in HR.  She is a master’s student undertaking an MSc in Human Resource Management at Glasgow Caledonian University. She has been working in HR and helping in the streamlining of policies and the development of a competency framework for the management team.

In addition to participating in the apprenticeship family and internships via partners such as Santander, CCRS also offer work placements for pupils at university, details of which can be found here

We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with CCRS Brokers and thank them for their continued participation and look forward to some exciting opportunities in the next academic term.